Business Crime

Criminal proceedings, and the possible consequences can seriously affect a company?s operations, unless appropriate countermeasures are taken

The Hungarian investigating authorities have recently been paying special attention to business crime in both the public and the private sectors. As a consequence of the 2008-2010 economic downturn, investigations of felonies in relation to the foundation, operation, sale, acquisition and liquidation of companies are now in the spotlight. The criminal liability of the company owners or shareholders, which may arise during criminal procedure, puts the company at considerable risk.

Consequences ? adverse provisions of executive powers???, negative social perception, loss of good (international) reputation, financial and operational hardships – are often long-term and heavy.

Criminal assessment of the attitude detrimental to reputation and damaging to the operations of enterprises in the financial sector, taking the necessary actions in the cases of criminal offenses???, as well as efficient representation of the offended party are basic expectations of the owners towards the management.

What our law firm offers:

  • Our professionals with years of legal expertise in both criminal defense and other fields of law can provide fast, full-scope and efficient legal assistance for companies and private individuals involved in criminal procedures;
  • Representation of the offended parties in business crime cases from the start of the investigation to the enforceable finish of the procedure. The efficient representation of the offended party significantly increases the chances of reducing or compensating for damages suffered.